As summer draws near, you may be considering adding swimming rings to your baby's gear. Mambobaby is currently leading the market in non-inflatable baby floats and offers a variety of float options such as neck floats, chest floats, and waist floats. However, once you've purchased your Mambobaby float from Amazon, Aliexpress, our official website, or any other retailer, you may wonder how to use it safely. In this guide, we'll explain how to use a chest float for your baby.

Components of a Mambobaby Chest Float

A chest infant float with canopy consists of three main parts: the float, the canopy, and the tail pin. Here are some detailed descriptions of each component:

1. Chest Strap Adjustable Buckle
2. Crotch Belt Adjustable Buckle
3. Five-Way Buckle
4. Five-Way Buckle Protective Cover
5. Chest Rest
6. Back Wings
7. Shoulder Strap
8. Arm Rest
9. Headrest
10. Crotch Rest
11. Crotch Rest Adjustable Strap
12. Zipper Puller
13. Main Part
14. Fixing Chest Strap
15. Handle
16. Canopy Mounting Hole
17. Tail Fin Mounting Hole
18. Tail Fin

Steps to Use the Chest Float

Knowing the parts is just the first step. Next, let's go over how to safely secure the chest float on your baby:

Step 1:
Unlock the fastener on the side of the Five-Way Buckle Protective Cover. Press the red button to release the buckle. Then undo the hook and loop fastener to prepare the float for use.

Step 2:
Extend the shoulder straps and spread the back wings.

Position your baby, either on their stomach or back, on the Chest Rest in the center of the float. Slide the baby's arms through the left and right shoulder straps.

Step 3:
Place the baby in the float, allowing their arms to pass through the shoulder straps.

If your child is over 8 months and tends to swim upright, potentially leaning backward, you can move the Crotch Belt to the outside of the thigh or choose a float that can be adjusted to an upright position. A Tail Fin can be installed to prevent any risk of flipping backward.

Step 4:
Fasten the Five-Way Buckle until you hear it click into place.

Ensure that your baby's face is within the Headrest area. As the Shoulder Strap and the Crotch Rest Adjustable Strap are interconnected, you will need to adjust the Crotch Rest Adjustable Strap so that the Shoulder Strap properly fits over your baby's shoulder and the Crotch Rest correctly fits their crotch. The optimal space left should be about the width of two adult fingers.