What to Do When Your Child Cries on Their First Mambobaby Float Experience?

What to Do When Your Child Cries on Their First Mambobaby Float Experience?

Hello dear parents,Today, we are tackling a concern that's close to many parents' hearts: What should you do if your child cries the first time they use a Mambobaby Float?


Understanding the Root of the Problem

Firstly, it's crucial to acknowledge that children often cry due to discomfort or nervousness when introduced to a new environment. While swimming pools or beaches are places of relaxation and fun for adults, they can be overwhelming and unfamiliar territories for a child.


Familiarity is Key

The initial step to tackle this issue lies in acclimating your child to the aquatic surroundings. Before even planning a swimming day, consider taking your child to the pool or beach to merely observe. Letting them see other children and families engaging in water activities can decrease their anxiety and pique their curiosity.


Gradual Exposure

Once you notice your child warming up to the idea of water, encourage them to touch it with their hands or feet first. This incremental contact allows your child to slowly become comfortable with the sensation of being in the water.


Use Mambobaby Float

After your child has shown some ease around water, it’s an optimal time to use Mambobaby Float.  Our floats are designed with the safety and comfort of infants and toddlers in mind.  Nonetheless, even with a comfortable float, first-time experiences can be daunting for a child.  Therefore, we recommend parents to accompany their children in the water initially, holding the float to boost their confidence.

Warm tips: use only under constant supervision of adult, and keep your baby within arm‘s reach


Stay Engaged and Keep Reassuring

Constant reassurance from a parent can work wonders. Maintain eye contact and keep talking to your child. You can also bring in water-friendly toys to distract and engage them further.


When to Seek Professional Help

If the fear persists and you find that your child's apprehension toward water is not waning, it may be helpful to consult a child psychologist or a professional swim instructor experienced in dealing with such fears.


In Conclusion

Remember, every child is unique and they all have their own pace of adapting to new experiences. So, don't get disheartened if your child cries at first. Persistence and patience are vital for success. We are confident that through these steps, your child will soon fall in love with their Mambobaby Float and all the water activities that come along with it.