Discover the Joy and Safety of Mambobaby Float-Your Ultimate Baby Swimming Solution

Discover the Joy and Safety of Mambobaby Float-Your Ultimate Baby Swimming Solution


Welcome to the official Mambobaby Float website,the home of innovative and safe swimming solutions designed especially for your little ones.Established in 2006 by Remus,a devoted father of three,Mambobaby Float has come a long way in creating a range of baby swimming aids that combine safety,comfort,and fun.Today,we are proud to serve families and Baby Spa Centers worldwide with our patented and certified products.


Commitment to Innovation and Safety:

Innovation at Its Best:At Mambobaby Float,innovation is at the heart of everything we do.With a team of over 200 dedicated professionals,we work tirelessly to develop products that make parenting a breeze and ensure that your children’s water adventures are safe and delightful.

Patented Excellence:Our commitment to innovation has earned us multiple patents in the US,ensuring that you are choosing a product that stands out in the market.The MAMBOBABY trademark is a seal of trust and quality,recognized and registered in numerous countries across the globe.

Safety as a Priority:We understand that when it comes to your children,safety is non-negotiable.That’s why our products meet the highest safety standards,with certifications like ASTM F963(US),AS/NZS 1900(Australia),and EN13138(EU),ensuring that your little ones are in safe hands.

Introducing the Mambobaby Float-A Revolution in Baby Swimming:

Pearl-Foam Solid Inner Core:Say goodbye to the hassle of inflation and the risk of air leakage with our patented pearl-foam solid inner core design.Convenience and safety come together to offer an unparalleled floating experience.

Skin-Friendly Comfort:Whether it’s our soft fabric or luxurious PU leather,the Mambobaby float is crafted to provide maximum comfort and safety,catering to children of various ages.

Engaging Designs for Joyful Experiences:Our range of floats is available in various shapes and patterns,adding an extra layer of fun to your child’s water adventures.

Age-Specific Options and Accessories:With Mambobaby Float,find the perfect fit for your child’s age and needs,enhanced further by an extensive selection of accessories and peripheral products.

For the Baby Spa Centers:

Exclusivity and Brand Enhancement:Baby Spa Centers around the world,from the Netherlands to the US,trust in the durability,safety,and comfort of the Mambobaby Float.Customize our products with your spa center’s brand to enhance your professional image and offer an exceptional experience to your little clients.

For Family Use:

Designed with Families in Mind:Our Mambobaby chest float is perfect for children under 2 years old,providing a safe,comfortable,and hassle-free floating experience at home.

Durability and Ease of Maintenance:With water-resistant PU leather and an inflation-free design,our floats are built to last and are incredibly easy to maintain.

Protection and Enjoyment:Experience the five-point protection structure,sun protection,and a variety of fun accessories,all designed to provide a secure and enjoyable floating experience for your child.


At Mambobaby Float,we are more than just a brand;we are a community of parents and professionals dedicated to making water time a safe,fun,and enriching experience for children.Explore our range of products today and join the thousands of families and Baby Spa Centers who trust in the safety,innovation,and joy of Mambobaby Float