Emily's Guide to the Best Mambobaby Floats of 2022: A Santa Barbara Mom's Perspective

Emily's Guide to the Best Mambobaby Floats of 2022: A Santa Barbara Mom's Perspective

 Emily, an active mom living in the scenic coastal city of Santa Barbara, California, finds joy in her family beach outings with her young daughter. Known for its beautiful beaches and thriving swimming community, Santa Barbara holds a special place in the hearts of those who love the water. Emily understands the importance of choosing the right swimming gear for infants. After experiencing numerous challenges with traditional inflatable swimming rings, Emily stumbled upon Mambobaby Float and instantly fell in love.

Here's Emily's guide to 2022's best-selling Mambobaby Floats, created to assist parents all over America in finding the perfect fit.

The Challenges of Traditional Inflatable Swimming Rings

Traditional inflatable swimming rings, typically made from PVC, can have various downsides:

Not Environmentally Friendly:

PVC negatively impacts the environment. Skin Irritation: PVC can be harsh on delicate skin, and some children might be allergic.

Durability Issues:

The thin PVC makes these rings nearly disposable and prone to leaks.

Safety Concerns:

Especially unsuitable for infants, posing serious risks.

Limited Functionality:

Traditional swimming rings often have very basic functionality.

Emily, like many Santa Barbara moms, sought a safer, more comfortable, and durable alternative. She found Mambobaby Float.

Advantages of Mambobaby Floats

No Inflation Required: Made with sealed pearl foam for lasting reliability.

Skin-friendly Material: Comfortable PU leather or fabric, a vast improvement over traditional PVC.

Hundreds of Styles: Catering to all tastes with the broadest color and style range.

Five-point Safety Belt: Featuring patented, easily adjustable shoulder and crotch straps.

UPF 50+ Sun Protection: Sunshade to protect your baby's delicate skin.

Top 7 Mambobaby Floats of 2022


1,Classic Mambobaby Float ($59)

Affordability: A timeless design at a budget-friendly price.

Functionality: Flat sunshade and footrest for a cozy experience.

Variety: Choose from green manbo fish, pink flamingo, and blue sea lion.



2,Upgraded Classic Mambobaby Float with Waterproof Fabric ($79)

Advanced Upgrade: Enhanced with TPU waterproof fabric for extra buoyancy.

Color Options: Available in green manbo fish and pink flamingo.

Targeted Design: Specifically suitable for children with a larger chest circumference.

3,Dinosaur & Unicorn Classic Mambobaby Float ($79)

Personalized Design: Enlarged design with the most loved cartoon figures of dinosaur and unicorn.

Complete Accessories: Comes with a flat sunshade and footrest, enhancing swimming enjoyment.

Colorful Choices: Two characteristic colors available.                                              















4,Beetle Mambobaby Float ($89)

Unique Shape: Features a beetle design, including child-friendly antennas and a tail-shaped footrest.

Premium Material: PU leather cover that's waterproof and dries quickly upon exit from water.

Color Variety: Available in pink, blue, and yellow.

5,Self-Inflating Mambobaby Float ($59)

Portable Design: Incorporates an outdoor self-inflating mattress concept for easy travel.

Practical Configuration: Comes with a sunshade and a storage bag for compressed storage.

Three Distinct Colors: Green fish, pink unicorn, and blue dinosaur options available.



6,Standing Sea Lion Mambobaby Float ($99)

Versatility: Integrates a patented standing structure, extending the age use from 3 months to 4 years.

Industrial Aesthetics: Three-dimensional sea lion design with a special sunshade.

Two Warm Colors: Suitable for both boys and girls.



7,Airplane No.7 Mambobaby Float ($129)

High-End Option: Cool black-gray color, airplane design, and straps for holding bottles and cups.

Diverse Functions: Silicon three-dimensional propeller, widened wings, tail-shaped footrest.

Extended Use: Suitable for ages up to 4 years, an ideal long-term investment.

Three Sophisticated Colors: Available in burgundy, green, and black-gray.



The Mambobaby Float collection showcases a diverse array of products catering to the needs and tastes of different children and families. With their unique designs, quality materials, and thoughtful features, there's a float for everyone in this delightful selection. Whether it's the colorful whimsy of the dinosaur or unicorn models, the sleek appeal of the airplane design, or the practicality of the self-inflating option, each float is meticulously crafted to offer safety and joy in the water. Choose the one that suits your child best, and make their swim time an unforgettable adventure!