Mambobaby Pool Float Astronauts with Canopy


Size Parameters and Functional Recommendations Applicable age: 3-24M Bust size: 6-15kg Recommended height: within 1 metre Recommended weight: 48-52cm Available positions: lying down/lying Water Entry Rate: 60 per cent Sunshade: 3D,...

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Size Parameters and Functional Recommendations

  • Applicable age: 3-24M
  • Bust size: 6-15kg
  • Recommended height: within 1 metre
  • Recommended weight: 48-52cm
  • Available positions: lying down/lying
  • Water Entry Rate: 60 per cent
  • Sunshade: 3D, 50+ UPF, one-piece storage, 180° unfolding.

More Details

Materials: EPE FOAM, Waterproof Material, PU leather.

Product Dimensions: 51×50×14 cm | 20 × 19.69× 5.51 in

Product Weight: 1 kg | 2.2 pounds

Structure: Shoulder Strap, Chest Support, Backrest, Crotch Strap, Elevated Headrest, Floating Tail Wing, Safety Lock, Solid Inner Shell.

Use Cases: Bathtubs, Hot Tubs, Swimming Pools, Lakes, Beach

Shipping Time: 15-30 days

Inflation-Free Design: The Mambobaby Float features a cutting-edge foam filling technology, eliminating the hassle associated with inflating traditional floating devices. This makes use more straightforward and quicker. Its lightweight design (about 2 pounds) enhances portability, allowing parents and babies to enjoy water fun anytime, anywhere.

Five-Point Buckle Safety Protection: Specifically designed with your baby's safety in mind, the five-point buckle system includes a dual unlocking mechanism, ensuring safety in the water. The application of widened shoulder straps and skin-friendly materials is intended to reduce pressure on the baby's shoulders while protecting their delicate skin.

outerwear and Fabrics: The float's outer cover is made of PU leather material, offering excellent waterproof performance and easy cleaning. The base and safety belts are crafted from breathable materials, ensuring your baby's comfort while also being easy to maintain.

Footrest Accessory: The specially added footrest accessory not only enhances the baby's stability in the water, increasing their sense of security but also allows for a more comfortable and enjoyable water experience.

Sunshade (Three-dimensional Design): Designed for summer, the three-dimensional sunshade uses UPF50+ UV protection material, offering all-around protection for your baby. Its circular design is not only stylish but also provides a broader shade area, ensuring your baby stays comfortable during hot summer days. The transparent mesh sides allow the baby to clearly see the outside, making it easier for parents to observe their baby's condition, enhancing safety and the joy of parent-child interaction during use.

NEW UPGRADE: This is the new 2024 canopy that can be unfolded 180° as well as enabling non-removable storage.

U.S. Patent Certification: The Mambobaby Float holds several U.S. patent certifications, with these innovative designs not only enhancing the product's safety performance but also its comfort and practicality, making every water activity a delightful memory for parents and babies alike.

Global Recognition: The Mambobaby Float has become a trusted choice for families worldwide, with our products broadly distributed across various countries, featuring numerous distributors and sales points. Widely adopted in many infant swimming pools for its superior performance, the Mambobaby Float has earned unanimous praise from professional infant swimming instructors. Parents have shared their positive experiences with us on social media, expressing how much they and their babies love the Mambobaby Float. It effectively relieves babies' fear and discomfort in the water, making water time relaxing and enjoyable, while also easing parents' worries. For families trying water activities for the first time, the Mambobaby Float not only ensures your baby's safety but also enhances their enjoyment, making every aquatic adventure a beautiful experience. If you're a parent new to introducing your baby to the water, the Mambobaby Float is an excellent companion for enjoying fun in the water.

Dear Cosmic Adventurers and Parents,

Prepare for lift-off with our "Astronaut's Voyage" Mambobaby float! It's a universe of gentle waves and stellar dreams, where every dip in the water becomes an interstellar journey. Can you feel the gentle tug of zero gravity? That's the sensation of boundless fun pulling you into a galaxy of giggles and wonder!

Here's to splashing among the stars and gliding past planets in your very own space shuttle.

Blast off to bath time fun,

The Mambobaby Team