Mambobaby Float: The Perfect Choice for Baby Swimming Float Positions

Mambobaby Float: The Perfect Choice for Baby Swimming Float Positions

Greetings,devoted parents!Dreaming of memorable water adventures with your tiny one?  Make those dreams a reality with the Mambobaby Float.  Designed to offer two distinct positions, the Mambobaby Float ensures that your baby's moments in the water are both delightful and safe.


Back Float(3-6 months)with Mambobaby Float

Every infant deserves an exquisite water introduction, and with the Mambobaby Float's Back Float feature, it's tailored to perfection:

Position your baby on its back centrally in the Mambobaby Float, ensuring the back of their neck is comfortably nestled in the headrest.

Gently guide their arms through the shoulder straps, specifically designed for tiny shoulders.

Secure the back wings and fine-tune the hook and loop fastener,ensuring the Mambobaby Float fits snugly around your baby’s chest.

Engage the five-way buckle, waiting for the reassuring"click"unique to the Mambobaby Float.

Adjust both the shoulder and crotch straps to ensure utmost comfort for your baby.

If your baby is under 70 cm, the Mambobaby Float's buoyant tail becomes the perfect footrest.


Tummy Float(3-24 months)with Mambobaby Float

As babies grow, so does their curiosity. The Mambobaby Float’s Tummy Float position nurtures this budding sense of adventure:

Place your baby facedown in the heart of the Mambobaby Float,making sure their chin rests within the designed headrest area.

Slide their arms through the shoulder straps of the Mambobaby Float.

Follow the mentioned steps to ensure a comfortable and secure fit, characteristic of the Mambobaby Float design.

Their feet should find a comfy spot right beneath the tail, ensuring stable connectivity.

Mambobaby Float isn't just about fun.  We're steadfast in our commitment to safety.  It's essential for all parents to remain vigilant and constantly supervise their precious ones during water play.


Embrace the wonders of water with Mambobaby Float. Our comprehensive guidance guarantees that you're making the most of what we offer.  Share those radiant smiles and splashes with us, and inspire more families to dive into this unparalleled joy.