Experience Innovation in Children's Water Safety: MAMBOBABY INC Premieres at the Esteemed Surf Expo in Orlando

Experience Innovation in Children's Water Safety: MAMBOBABY INC Premieres at the Esteemed Surf Expo in Orlando

We're absolutely delighted to share the exciting news that for the first time ever, MAMBOBABY INC will be showcasing its range of cutting-edge products at the renowned Surf Expo.  The event is scheduled to take place from September 7th to 9th in Orlando, Florida.  European parents, retailers, and agents are warmly invited to join us at Booth 2805, strategically situated in the specialized Swim category at Avenue 1.


Why Surf Expo is the Place to Be?

 Recognized globally as a pinnacle event, Surf Expo serves as a meeting ground for enterprises, retailers, and agents in the watersports and beach lifestyle industries.  This is not just a trade show;  it's a melting pot of innovation, trend-spotting, and networking opportunities.  As a brand at the forefront of children's water safety and entertainment, MAMBOBABY INC considers the Surf Expo an unparalleled platform for building connections with potential retail partners and agents.


Why Trust MAMBOBABY INC?  The Buzz Around #MambobabyFloat Speaks Volumes

 European parents who prioritize both safety and fun for their children should look no further.  In the United States, our MAMBOBABY Float has already won hearts, being hailed as the "best baby float ever."  Numerous satisfied parents have taken to social media to share joyful photos and videos, catapulting the hashtag #mambobabyfloat to trending status.  This spontaneous outpouring of customer love greatly amplifies our brand's global recognition, making it an ideal choice for prospective retail partnerships.


Featured Showcases: Where Innovation Meets Practicality

 We're thrilled to exhibit our flagship MAMBOBABY Floats alongside a gamut of must-have accessories.  The product line consists of two groundbreaking models:


Foam-Filled Floats: These are ready-to-use and completely eliminate the risk of air leakage.

Self-Inflating Sponge-Filled Floats: Inflate in just a minute and are compact enough for effortless travel.

Additionally, each float is equipped with a sunshade canopy and a buoyant footrest, offering multiple floating positions for children.


Unveiling More Innovations

Electric Fountain Crab Toy: Not just a bath toy, but a float accessory that keeps children entertained.

7-Level Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker: Perfect for that ultimate poolside ambiance.

UV-Protective and Thermal Swimwear: Designed with your child's ultimate comfort and protection in mind.

Our Vision for Surf Expo


We aspire to expand our network by collaborating with specialized retailers and agents in the watersports and beach lifestyle sector.  Becoming a part of the MAMBOBABY INC family entails not only access to our exceptional product range but also a unique advantage through organic customer testimonials, primarily in the U.S., but increasingly globally.


Let's Connect

We warmly welcome retailers, agents, and especially parents who want to make informed choices for their children, to experience our products up-close and personal at the Surf Expo.  We can't wait to forge new collaborations and partnerships that will enhance children’s water safety and enjoyment.

See you at Surf Expo!


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Email: service@mambobaby.com

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